Oh Denny’s – How I love you so!

So yesterday I beached myself on the couch while I watched the cooking chanel for a good 3 hours {you think thats bad… this is NOTHING – I can watch this chanel for a good 8 or 10 hours}. Bobby Flays Throw Down came on, and thanks to Bobby and some dude from Boston, I’m been dying to have some Stuffed French Toast. With the idea in mind that oiday we would make it ourselves – failing to hit the Grocery Store yesterday afternoon to pick up bread, cream cheese or strawberries – we get out of our jammies and into some half decent clothing making our way to the world of the Greasy Spoon!

The closest one to us would be Denny’s – so here we are!

I ordered the French Toast Grand-Slam, as they did not having anything STUFFED on the menu. However I wasn’t disappointed much, I knew I would be able to make it better at home myself anyways. After my plates arrival I knew exactly what the trick was for the YUMMIEST French Toast… THE BREAD! You must have a Thick, Sweet, Soft, Smooshy Bread. If you don’t you might as well throw it to the dogs. 

Now….really, only a “greasy spoon” like Denny’s would come up with a morning beverage like this. Screw, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Tea, Coffee or heck even Chocolate Milk…. Let’s go for a Maple Bacon Sundae. 
Really? Really Denny’s? You actually think this is a good idea? I say your wrong, and I also say “shame on you” for helping our world become even more chubby than it already is! I will pass on your Maple Bacon Sundae and if I must I will go to the local sweets shop and get my bag of sugar to fix a Chubby Craving I have – but I will NOT ever cave for one of these! NEVER!




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  1. LOL. Seems like I’ve heard of this recently. Not sure I get it. Trying to imagine it. Hope you were able to enjoy your french toast.

  2. I sure was able to enjoy the French Toast – however its just making me more excited about the French Toast Sammy and I will make next weekend Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Strawberries!


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  4. The Maple Bacon Sundae really sounds nasty. I won’t have a problem passing on it! Following you from the Weekend Gathering Hops. Would love it if you visit and LIKE my page: http://www.facebook.com/flightlessgoose

  5. lol you post is funny. New follower from mbc

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