Organization made Pretty

{DIY Chair Rail Shoe Rack… Thanks to the Well Worn Blog}

The bug has hit, my Organization bug. Preparing our house for a whirl-wind which is about to hit in less than 2 weeks. However I am finding that my energy level is enjoying researching organization idea’s more than actually doing them. So if your energy level is exactly where mine is these days… you are going to love this post. Call it Organized Porn if you will, I suggest however showing your husband these images something might actually get done then!

{DIY Magnetic Make-Up Board… Thanks to Laura and Laura Thoughts

{DIY Bathroom Cupboard Holsters… Thanks to Family Handyman}

{DIY Mason Jar Organization}

{Sticker Pockets… Thanks to BUTCH and harold}

{DIY Nursery Clothing Dividers… Thanks to Young House Love}

{DIY Measuring Spoon Hooks… Thanks to Infarrantly Creative}

{DIY Jewelry Organizer… Thanks to 4 Men 1 Lady}

{DIY Kitchen Utensil Key Rack… Thanks to Design Sponge}

Happy Organizing, DIY’ing and of course Happy Making a Mess!


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  1. I LOVE these ideas! Such great ideas! Feeling organized is the best. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Lindsay… I dont think there is anything better than feeling organized and clean.

    Expecially when you have a baby on the way in a week 🙂


  3. You have the best ideas and I LOVE your blog!! Janna Age 58, Malibu, CA “Grandma”!

  4. You have the best ideas and I LOVE your blog!! Janna Age 58, Malibu, CA “Grandma”!

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