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Organization is something I crave, I love routine, I love knowing what’s ahead and feeling like I am in control of my day (and in theory, life). Wow! That escalated quickly… So now that we have admitted to being a complete control freak, here you have a little inside look into how I do just that; control like a freak. My personal planner, my life, my little leather companion that if I misplaced, I would be a lost kitten without.

Coming from someone who not only likes to feel a sense of daily direction, but someone who often bites off more than she can chew and double books herself, it’s absolutely key that I have a planner where I can keep myself in check (and out of trouble). I am a stay-at-home mother who also works from home, which may sound somewhat straight-forward but let’s just say it’s a far cry from simple. From art classes to errands to doing laundry simultaneously pitching clients and reading contract, to late nights working and early mornings mother’ing it definitely isn’t for everyone. I absolutely wouldn’t change it for the world, just as I wouldn’t go about it without a planner; so today we share our love for not only organization but our Personal Planner.


Since falling in love with Personal Planner back in 2014 their company made a few upgrades. They got bigger layouts, new design themes, fun accessories and included in every planner order are 312 fun stickers to beautify that schedule of yours.  

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Clearly they know their space, how to keep the organizer in all of us alive and of course out of any sorta’ personal or business scheduling troubles. You can customize your planner however you wish, from the layout design to birthdays and holidays and even added section for notes or doodling. Check them out for yourself, I don’t doubt you’ll agree they are brilliant at what they do. 


Along with being amazing at what they do, they’re also very sweet to me and my readers, which makes me like them even more. They’re offering our readers not only a promotional code to use to get your own planner at a 15% discount (P-LANN-ER16 good thru now until August 21stbut also allowing me to give a custom planner away. Told you you’d love them!

So let’s come together and promise never to miss a swimming lesson or coffee date again; getting organized is so damn exhilarating, wouldn’t you agree? Enter below to win an organizer of your choice, GOOD LUCK!

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Disclosure:: This post is sponsored by Personal Planner, but as always the opinions on this blog are my own. I truly do need a planner to stay organized and use my custom Personal Planner to do just that. 


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  1. I like using an ersable calender on my fridge to jot down things,events ect.. easy for family to see and add to or erase/change if the need be!

  2. I have a calendar on my fridge that helps keep me organized!

  3. Tara Betterley says:

    I love personal organizers, I use them – I get the week at a glance ones so that I can keep track of activities of the family, work functions as well as my bills.

  4. Veronica Bohan says:

    Put things away as you come across them

  5. kathy downey says:

    Hi,hope you feeling well today ! I love personal organizers and use them daily to keep track of family activities and appointments

  6. Steph cook says:

    Writing everything down is key!

  7. I use my Outlook calendar extensively to keep track of work and family; and then send my husband meeting requests for things he needs to be aware of. 🙂

  8. My organization tip is to have a family calendar that everyone can see. If you can’t remember an appointment, someone else will see it and remind you.

  9. I like to use one small calendar that I bring with me everywhere and one larger calendar for more detailed reminders.

  10. Have a big family calendar that the whole family can look at with a spot to put appointment cards and invites beside it. A dry erase or chalkboard helps too to leave messages for everyone. And a mirror to remind you to look and see how awesome you are now that you’re organized.

  11. Getting a new planner is the highlight of my year!

  12. Danielle Langley says:

    I’m going to need a planner this sept to keep me motivated with homeschool! Right now things are written in my phone or on random pieces of paper. Not good!

  13. Sunshine H says:

    write everything down! Sadly, before being a parent I didn’t have to, but now I do.

  14. I have a calendar on the fridge and everybody just writes what they are doing or needing on it. Then I try to organize the month.

  15. Have a home for everything and put things away as they come into the house or you use them, to keep things neat and tidy!

  16. missbobloblaw says:

    I try to write everything down, and use reminder notifications.

  17. I could not do without menu planning for the week!

  18. Lesa McMahon says:

    I must write everything down in my planner. I cannot be organized just trying to remember everything in my head.

  19. Cassondra Michelle says:

    My organization advice : dont do anything I say ? I am horribly unorganized and need help!!! Haha

  20. My tip is to make lists for everything. It not only helps you remember but also gives you the satisfaction of crossing things off your lists.

  21. Melissa Marie says:

    Keep a family calendar on the fridge

  22. I like to label organization storages and a calendar on the fridge

  23. go through clothing often

  24. Judy Cowan says:

    I like to keep a calendar with all important dates, appointments etc. The only way I can keep myself organized and on track. I also like to colour code my calendar with different inks.

  25. Christine Murray says:

    This would make my life so much easier. Thank you for this opportunity.

  26. Melissa Greco says:

    My favourite organization tip is putting a piece of lined paper in a photo frame and using it as a to do list. Write on it with an erasable marker and you save paper and desk space!

  27. Allisha Gold says:

    I try to keep folders (or boxes) with labels of all similar things. Whether that includes files or paperwork or knickknacks,

  28. Sherry moffitt says:

    Always put everything away after use so things don’t pile up.

  29. Viv Sluys says:

    My favourite organization tip is to plan the week out on Sunday evening so that you can handle the following week.

  30. My favourite tip is to go through the paper stuff right away, and keep it to a minimum.


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