Other uses for a Breast Pad

Myself, along with a few ladies {thank you Shanalisa and Andrea} have found a few NEW uses for Breast Pads… You know, just giving you ladies options!

1) Baby Spitt-Up Cloth {I mean really, does it really matter that your going to put it back in your Bra…. that is where the spit up came from}

2) Beverage Coaster {Just think you can go anywhere and always be the polite one, by whipping out your nipple pillow and using it on their designer coffee table}

3) Breast Enlargements {After baby asks for the boob and its obvious you’re done with breast feeding, your luscious breasts will go back to their saggy self, and you can use the pads to pad your Bra – go ahead, use 3 or 4 per cup, don’t worry, I wont judge!}

4) Reusable Kleenex {sleepless nights, a screaming baby and a continual period, perfect on the move kleenex to wipe the tears away and tuck away for a later “why me” out-burst} 

Tell me have I missed any? Have you used the nipple pillows for something far from wet t-shirt contest starters… Let us know – I want to keep this list going because I think their are a lot more multi-purposes for them!



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