Our new morning routine; Toddler Yoga

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FACT: we’ve been doing yoga now for 3 consecutive mornings
FACT: we’ve managed to follow the 30 minutes without distraction
FACT: i doubted sofia’s patience every morning
FACT: i felt shame for ever doubting her

No word of a lie, I was almost driven to tears {of happiness}. Accidentally stumbling across Cosmic Kids YouTube channel was something I did not see coming this week. While hunting for something Sofia could do independently that would buy me 5, or even 7 minutes time, enough to clean up from breakfast without tripping over a little person, I came up with yoga. I thought, “hey! yoga will keep her confused enough to stay intrigued for a short moment”, so I snatched her tablet and looked up kids yoga on youtube, and that’s when our world changed.

Our first routine was popcorn the dolphin, once I figured out Sofia was actually enjoying it, I sat in and joined. We did the entire 25 minute routine without any distractions, and for a 3 year old this is sorta’ major news. The next morning we followed the next routine, Babs the Beaver, and concluded our night with Tommy the Bedtime Turtle. Seriously people, my child did yoga twice in 1 day, CALL THE NEWS PRESS we have a top story! Sofia loves Cosmic Yoga, and better yet so do I!

Cosmic Yoga has forever changed our mornings, and I couldn’t be more zen with it! Namaste.


TELL ME how much do you love her onesie? Am I right, don’t you worry, I hunted high and low and found them, because I know someone would ask. You’re welcome!

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