Over the Loom is a NECESSITY


Okay so by a show of hands who doesn’t know who Over the Loom is? *waiting*
This is what I thought, EVERYONE knows Over the Loom by now, they are only the most gorgeous childrens clothing store online whom ever existed. I mean this, literally. The fabrics, the designs the RUFFLES… THE BOWS. Your baby girls just must have a piece in their wardrobes, it’s really a necessity, like underwear. Really it is.

Other than their amazing pieces, another thing I lover so much about them is how much they listen to US, the buyer. If you are a follower of the Over the Loom fan page you will know exactly what I am talking about. They share images of pieces they COULD bring in, and you can put in your two cents. Do you love it, do you hate it, would you buy it. For real, what store online can you say that does that? It’s simply amazing, I can’e get enough of them or their amazing customer service.

Tulle Dress for $22 // Chevron Sunsuit for $49 // Floral Midi for $48 // Flower Sunsuit for $49

They just released some more new pieces and I just HAD to share with you some of my favorite looks. No kidding, if they made their sunsuits in adult sizes {especially this one} I would buy one in every pattern; that and if my thighs looked more like Beyonces. But really, you must admit these pieces scream young beauty, not too over the top for an everyday dress-up, and still very young at heart. My baby girl will always dress her age, growing up too fast is no fun for nobody, especially her mama!



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  1. Wow! I love the ruffle sunsuits! I love a lot of the items from Over the Loom, but sadly the prices are often out of my budget.

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