PARENTHOOD: 3 reasons you should quit chasing sleep


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We all strive for a good night sleep and as a mother that seems to be at the forefront of your mind each and every evening as our babes bedtimes near. If you’re like me, you often remind yourself of the carefree sleeping you used to know. Falling asleep with the TV on watching late night and rolling out of bed when you body naturally tells you it’s time. You know that slumber that gives you a sense of feeling entirely rested and ready to take on the world. That nights sleep that you wake up from giving yourself 45 minutes in bed to just lay there, yeah! That’s the sleep I’m talking about. The nights rest that all us parents chase, are constantly wishing for, but never actually getting it. Here is why you need to quit chasing you pre-parenthood nights sleep …


Let’s be honest with ourselves, what used to be, never had responsibility like you do now; DUDE you’re the sole caregiver of a little human being, of course things are going to change. Your mind will NEVER let you shutdown the way you used to, as a parent we lose that off button. Running 24/7 worrying, wondering, reminding and reminiscing; your days go from one to the other without actually feeling it’s ever stopped.  Sleep is far from restful and merely a motion you go through in hopes to build up enough energy for the next wind.


The way you remember a uninterrupted nights rest is a wee bit different than how it actually was. When you desire something bad enough your mind can play tricks on you, making that golden-nights better than they ever actually were. You see, a carefree sleep is wonderful and all, waking up to complete silence and enjoying a piping hot cup of tea at your leisure sounds heavenly, I won’t disagree, but would you trade it for what you have now? I doubt it. I really highly doubt it. Consider yourself lucky that all you’ve had to give up is sleep, I know I thank my lucky stars each night.


Murphy’s Law; you sleep in one morning or miss a midnight wake-up and this the moment your child decides to take her first steps, to tell you she needs you, the day she says “I love you” for the first time, the day she leans in for her first hug and kiss. You know the feeling you get when these moments happen in your life, you wouldn’t ever want this to happen on your watch, would you?

Sleep is a wonderful thing, but I am a mother and I don’t get a choice, therefore I have to give reason and believe that it’s merely over-rated. Am I right mama’s?


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