PARENTING: 3 Ways To Get More Time For Tea (with kids)


I don’t always get the luxury of enjoying a hot cup of tea, but when I do, there is most certainly a strategy involved; nothing ever happens magically in parenthood. It’s funny how long it took me to learn that most things you do with children always involves a master plan. So now that I have it down to a science, I figured it’s my duty to share some of these successful strategies with other parents who are looking for that hit of caffeine small sanity break in their day.



Buys Me: at least 20 minutes, but up to an hour.
Materials: coloring book fabric and fabric markers

We first stumbled across this fabric when we saw our dear friend Gracen coloring on it. Gracen’s mom Jen (from Mama. Papa. Bubba.) found it at IKEA and you’d better believe we went out that very same day to get our hands on some. We purchased 2 meters and we were off, not only has this last us quite sometime, but it can keep her attention on some days up to an hour. You mamas’ know just how much we can get done in 60 minutes don’t you?

If I am dying for a morning cup, one that doesn’t have to be re-heated several times to enjoy, I almost always reach for the LIFE SIZED COLORING BOOK master-plan.



Buys Me: 30 minutes and a whole’lotta humor.
Materials: art easel, paper, paints and a brushes

With the painters easel already out, I requested a portrait on a whim, not thinking much of what would come from it. She set me up a chair next to her easel and asked me to sit down in front of her but “not to move, not even a smidgen”, she obviously took this job very seriously. Instantly I had a light-bulb moment and ran for my cup of tea, sitting down to see where it would take us. She took great pride in being able to use me as a model, as did I being her project for the afternoon. What came from it was not only a peaceful cup of tea down the hatch but an adorable portrait from my favorite little artist that I will forever have.

If I need an afternoon pick me up, I simply provide my modelling services for the afternoon and put the PAINT ME PICASO master-plan into action.



Buys Me: 15 minutes and less laundry to fold.
Materials: sock, socks and more socks

Laundry always seems to be “going” in our household, and with this comes many hours of folding. Thankfully my friend Salma (from The Write Balance) shared her little helpful secret with getting laundry done at her home quicker (and more fun); and since our lives have forever changed. I’ve made this a weekly game in the house, one that Sofia actually loves and requests from time to time. Simply collect all the clean socks and throw them around the floor, make sure to spread them out, hit the halls and make sure not to miss under the kitchen table. Then in either a head to head competition against dad, or a race against the clock, see who can collect, match and fold the most.

If I need a sanity break nearing the end of the day, I put master-plan MATCH ME SILLY in effect, it’s almost always a guaranteed cup of tea and a much needed dose of humor for the night.


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