PARENTING: 5 Unconventional Places To Relax In Peace


You’ve not misplaced your kids, but some kind soul has offered to take the kids as their responsibility for the next few hours, what do you do? WHAT?! Is this even real? Wake up! This is real life, waste no time, goodness knows this might be the last time your childless bestie offers to “take the kids” because “how hard could it really be”. Here’s what I have for you today, 5 unconventional places to relax in peace. It’s not what you think, I’m not going to send you to a coffee shop or a spa, oh no people, these places are totally not what you would expect. Yes I’ve tested each location out and yes I’m a genius!

So without further ado here are your 5 unconventional places to relax in peace:

Crazy right? Hear me out! If you’re a creative person like myself walking through the many dream worthy bedrooms and freakishly organized kitchens can only inspire, excite and rejuvenate you, bringing you to a happy place, a place of relaxation, right? If not, then hit the first bedroom you see and jump right in. It is what they’re there for right, to test out, and that is what you’re there for right? Riiiiiight? (stick to the story, it works)

2. Library
You know where it is, you take your children there once a week. This time you won’t be borrowing any Dora the Explorer books, but simply borrowing a small corner to yourself. How much more perfect can it get, it’s quiet (including hired help to make sure it stays this way just for you), it’s filled with every magazine you could think of, any book you’ve ever had a desire to dive into and you can even sneak in a tea if you look responsible enough. That’s what I’m talking about, the perfect place to relax in peace.

3. Bath
I know what you’re thinking, “I could do this with the kids home, in bed, at 9pm”, this is true but there is something about taking a bath in the middle of the day, with some of your favorite bath products, flipping through Pinterest on your phone. Before you get naked, pop out to your favorite bath store, whatever it be (LUSH, Body Shop, Bath & Body Works) and treat yourself to your most favorite relaxing products. Head home, steep a cup of your favorite tea, snap off a piece of chocolate from that bar you’ve been saving and melt the afternoon away. Bonus points if you bathroom has a dimmer switch (best renovation decision ever).

4. Movie Theater
Going alone to a movie may not sound like the best thing you’ve done for your ego in a while, but let me tell you, it’s awesome on a many levels. One- you get to choose the movie with absolutely no regard to anyone elses desires, two- you can get the supersized popcorn with extra butter and jumbo bag of sour patch kids without any concern of judgement and three- it’s completely your choice if you want to sleep through half the movie. Going to the movies alone sounds pretty stinkin’ awesome right about now doesn’t it?

5. Your Car
Unless of course you HATE to drive, or public transit is your mode of transportation, but I bet you never thought your car would be a great place to relax. Think about it, you have unlimited choices of music, including news and talk radio if that’s what you’re into. You have air conditioning or heat in the drop of a hat if you need it, and it will take you anyplace you desire, including no place at all. Adventure the afternoon away with a bag of wine gums and Starbucks. Drive, sing, and enjoy the surroundings, that is until your time is up and your bestie has decided she doesn’t love you enough to keep them all night long.


TELL ME do you have any unconventional places to relax in peace? I could always use some backup ideas, that and make this an ongoing post with updated versions through out the year. You know, just one mama over here looking out for the next.


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  1. Kelly Duran says:

    Great list! My car has been my go-to relaxation place since my first baby was born. I would get in the car, grab a coffee, crank up the tunes and just drive around this beautiful city. The ultimate alone time.

    • Tairalyn says:

      Thanks Kelly! Isn’t it funny how we find comfort and relaxation in unusual places once we become parents?
      Your little scenario there sounds heavenly, I love driving aimlessly. It’s actually quite fun, especially when there is snacks and good music!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment,


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