PARENTING: Good Sleep Is Just a Jump Away

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If someone told me that a good night sleep was just a jump away, I would say how high.

The day I heard that Springfree Trampoline was setting up shop in my city, I got excited. Sammy and I have been contemplating what to invest in for Sofia in a play center now that we have a large backyard. From a playhouse to a swing set to a trampoline, the options are unlimited really, it just depends on what we want to spend. We weigh out factors on longevity and long-term interest, to cost and overall look it gives to the backyard.  A playhouse was my first choice because I grew up with one and the look of them in the backyard among the garden beds is just so adorable. I think we’ve ruled out a swing-set as we live just behind a park and the thought of taking up valuable real estate in our backyard with a copy and paste from down the street makes no logical sense. Now trampolines have extreme long term value with still getting used into your childrens teen years and young adult lives, this I know as we had one growing up.

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Springfree Trampoline is hosting an event this Sunday, October 4th that I had share. Starting at 12pm and going until 4pm, join them anytime throughout the day for Healthy Snack Sundays. They will be hosting a free workshop on making healthy no-bake (peanut-free) snacks for the whole family.

More information found here on the Springfree Trampoline Website. 

Now, back to the tough choices, but if I had it my way, we’d be the winners of the next big lotto and would be installing both Playhouse and Trampoline this Fall, of course hosting a celebratory party with “all the kids” to kick off our new backyard!


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