PARENTING: If I Believed Everything She Said


As parents, I think it’s fair to say we come pretty close to taking the cake for having heard it all, next to law enforcement of course. We’ve been told stories that you’d think were a wild and epic dream, that or a story from your 20’s you made your best friend to promise to never speak of again. It’s actually inspiring to talk with a child who has zero boundaries when it comes to life, stories, and the future. I love my random conversations with Sofia, so much so I have been writing them down for a day like today where I can share them with those that need a little less “serious” in their lives.

Today’s break from reality is brought to you by a 3 year olds imagination hopped up on goldfish crackers and fruit leather.

If I believed everything Sofia said…

  • I wouldn’t allow her to ever play alone in the backyard again, because a great biggest bear lives in our bird house, she heard it with her right ear hole. 
  • I would think I won the lotto in motherhood, because her toes smell like cupcakes and sprinkles always.
  • I would be setting the table for one more guest, as the squirrel that regulars our fence has told Sofia that he “comes in peace” and would like to have chicken n’ fri-fri with us tonight. 
  • I would believe that I am already a grandmother at the ripe old age of 31, as she is the mother to this little chick who just told her so. We will be bringing her home and she sleeps in her bed, as all babies sleep with their mama’s until they get grow’d up.  


TELL ME what is the craziest thing your child has told you? Comment below or head on over to our Facebook Page and tell us there. It’s no wonder when we get together for playdates they get as wild as they do!


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  1. Wow your Sophia has a mind of her own 🙂 My 5yo just has something to say about everything. There’s always a reason and she has the explanation haha

    • Tairalyn says:

      Their explanations are my favorite. Write those babies down, you will want to forever remember them. That reminds me I’ve been wanting to pick up that book from chapters since last year. Quotable Kids. MUST. GET. NOW.


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