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Option No Budget Wedding Outfit {Kaitlin-02/2012}
I was asked by a follower and friend to design her an outfit for an upcoming Wedding that she is to attend in February. From chatting with her online and following her Blog, I tapped into her style and instantly thought of Zooey Deschanel. After coming to her with my style verdict, she replied “nailed it”. Hmmmmm maybe I was born to do this? What do you think? 

She asked that I make her an outfit with a fabulously fun unlimited budget and them a “back down to reality” $200 budget. I am happy to say I created 2 gorgeous outfits that will not only look brilliant on her, but under budget. You know what that means, she can spend the balance she budgeted on me!!! Merry Christmas to Moi…

So Kaitlin, what do you think? Tell me…. you going for the “Sweet as Pie” look with the mellow yellow clutch or the “Animal Instinct” outfit with the dainty lace socks?

If you are interested in me creating you and outfit for an upcoming Event, don’t hesitate to drop me a line with information such as Event Details, Budget, your Celebrity Style and any other ideas you had. I just love doing this for people, especially when it isn’t my money I’m spending…. Hurry! Get me to make you a signature outfit now… before I start charging so my services {hey!? we can all dream can’t we}.


Option #1 Wedding Attire {Kaitlin-02/2012}

$35 –

$6.99 –

$35 –

$17 –

$13 –

$11 –

Option#2 Wedding Attire {Kaitlin-02/2012}

$40 –

$16 –

$48 –

$42 –

$12 –

$11 –


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  1. LOVIN that Dorothy Perkins dress! I’ll have to keep that in mind for the next wedding or event we have. I hope she chooses #1, that’s my fave.

  2. You did an awesome job! Love option two! But those lace socks are HOT! Need them in my life.

  3. I LOVE THEM. You did such a good job.

    I love both outfits, they are so classy and definitely wearable for other events.

    I think, because of how cold it gets in AB in February, I think I’m gunna have to go with outfit….number…2! AND. Since I love #1 so much, I might have to get it for other things as well. But #2 is definitely going to be for the wedding. WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!


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