Photo Dump Friday

{from right to left, top to bottom}
1. #LittleMissMamaLooksDown, and seriously it’s always the sweetest of views
2. Sofia’s best buddy, Chyna. It’s times that I see her around cat’s that I wish Lynx were still here
3. The man and I treated ourselves to new shades, I asked “for the biggest frames you got”. Michael Kors for the WIN
4. The man found a pair of Ray-Ban’s that looked fiiiiiiine! So lucky he’s mine, so hot!

5. Posing, really that simple. What can I say, I gave birth to a model
6. Shopping with Nana she found a place to rest… and then she cried when she couldn’t take it home
7. #LittleMissMamaLooksDown, and she’s still the cutest thing I’ve seen. #hasntchanged
8. A pair of shoes I’m crushing on, at The Bay. Anchors Away!

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