Plus-size fashion… oh how things have changed


It’s funny, yesterday I was scrolling through my facebook feed and I saw a killer dress I just felt I just had to own. You know when something catches your eyes, stops you in your tracks and refuses to leave your head. Like walking by an entire box of glazed donuts with only one sprinkle covered sugary goodness left.  As if the clouds have opened and a ray of sunshine is beaming down your path right to it. Yeah, that feeling, I’m going to bottle that up and sell it!

If you don’t already know about Monif C, let me introduce you! Plus-size fashion outlet that knows exactly how we want to look and feel our entire lives from morning till night. They know us, they know our curves, they know when we’ve been bad or good… so be good for goodness-sake! Focus people! Focus! So I was looking at their new spring line and have literally fallen head over heels for a dozen pieces. AT LEAST. As I play “richie-rich” and add absolutely everything to my cart,  I convince myself I’m actually going to place this $1,500 and start choosing appropriate sizing based on each piece. While I look at their size chart I see I may not actually fit into their collection. Say what?! Come again… This can’t be so! Let me check my sizing again and see if I can’t squeeze into it anyways {don’t judge — I know you do this too}. I am just on the cusps on the smallest size available, 1x a size 14 — drop any weight and my sexy love affair with Monif C is over!

…it’s a new day when being plus-size is great for your wardrobe

Seriously?! How times have changed. The days of wishing I were smaller to fit into collections I craved, are now the times of not wanting to loose a single pound because the pieces I desire work just flawlessly for these vicious curves #lifeisgood



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  1. Really appreciate the plus size outfits! Thank you so much! I love seeing posts with plus sized options.

  2. I absolutely want AFFORDABLE eco friendly large and lovely fashion!!!!!

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