PREGNACY: Making The Most Of Gestational Diabetes


Finding the best in the worst is something I am working on, so why not now? Getting Gestational Diabetes was not the best of news, actually it was quite the opposite, the shits actually if I can be frank, but I must remember that things could be worst. The pitty-party invites have been recycled, no need for postage stamps, last week I sat down and came up with all the good that comes with being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (yes that’s right the good things!) and I’m dishing them out for you all today. 

So to those who have Gestational Diabetes or have been recently diagnosed with it, turn that frown upside down because I got the goods on why having it is actually a great thing (time to go shopping!)

With Gestational Diabetes comes a strict diet and more fitness, straight up! Likely with these two changes in your day-to-day you will do just fine in managing it without any harm to you or baby. Eating 6 times a day, 3 square meals and 3 snacks while spacing them out just so (minimum of 2-hours between each no more than 4 and only water in between). The meals must be planned to include specific amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and dairy and always ALWAYS followed up with some activity. All of these things combined had me thinking (the strict meal plan, daily blood testing and added fitness), how could I enjoy this ride versus be angry with it? 


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New Water Bottle; because if water is all I am allowed between meals and snacks I was going to have to carry it everywhere I went and I wanted to do it with a bottle that made me smile. Nothing crazy expensive, but a good quality one that was be leak-proof (wouldn’t want to share my water with my purse), on the go capabilities and of course cute.

New Runners; don’t get me wrong I had runners previous to the diagnosis but a great way to soften the blow is a new pair of runner that excite you to put on each day. Most days I find myself hustling around our home to get in my activity and that works just fine, but the times that I take it outside I always get excited about putting on my new shoes. 

Treating yourself; where before a bad day or hectic week I may have treated myself to something sweet (hello cake and ice cream), that’s not an option now. Manicures, pedicures, and let’s say a new set of cute pajamas is what I splurge on to raise the “happy thoughts” again. Hey! I like this change so much I may even stick with it, leaving cake and ice cream for birthdays and Sundays (and Fridays and every other Saturday).

Pregnancy Weight; this varies from person to person, but if you’re able to stick to the diet that your dietitian sets out for you, you will not only feel a whole lot better during the pregnancy but post-baby when the stress of loosing the weight looms nothing will be there. With Sofia, I gained 18 lbs in total, and I was back to a pre-pregnancy weight within weeks after delivery. A nice little perk to the meal planning and crazy water consumption.

Knowledge; getting Gestational Diabetes likely means you’re susceptible of getting Type 2 Diabetes over time; that is if you’re not careful. Take this as a wake-up call, one that is telling you to better your palate a wee-bit post baby. Not everyone gets a soft warning like this, learn and make little changes now for a better future. 


persons-0117HEY! WAIT! hear me out for just a moment! I don’t want this to come across as being me treating something as serious as Gestational Diabetes lightly. I’m just doing my part in making the most of a diagnosis and hopefully helping you along the way. Together we can stay positive and have fun while still knowing the facts and making better choices now and in our futures. Right? Right!

Please if you ever would like to talk about anything Gestational Diabetes don’t hesitate, not even for a moment, private message me on Facebook or pop me off an e-mail ( I would be glad to help, support or make decisions on running shoe choices if you need. xxoo 



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  1. great post! great attitude!

  2. Love how you can find the cheery side to everything 🙂

  3. Agree with all of these! It was a shock to me to be diagnosed with GD in my second pregnancy, but on the bright side I am 5 lbs less than my starting weight 2 weeks post partum, whereas I held on to an extra 10 lbs after my first child.


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