PREGNANCY: Shoes For Comfort & Style


Swearing under your breath every step you take because of a uncomfortable shoe choice is totally okay when it’s your first pregnancy, but when you have playschool ears around you most of your days, it’s probably best you don’t leave your comfort (and childs vocabulary) up to fate. 

Today, for you, and for the sake of your children, I’m sharing my top 5 shoes that are not only crazy comfortable but ridiculously stylish. If I could live in Natives I probably would, and if you’ve bumped into me grocery shopping or even at the park you would think I actually do, but as much as comfort is my game these day, style comes in a close second and not all outfits go with rubber shoes.

1/ New Balance 580 Runner   2/ Keds Triple Decker    3/ Converse All Star Classic    4/ Native Jeffersons    5/ Dansko Thea

What are some of your favorite shoes to wear during your pregnancy? A girl can never have too many shoes unless of course you ask Sammy then he believes in this silly idea that once you get a new pair you must get rid of an old pair. I’m certain he’s not the only one who tries to pull this shit on their wife, nor the last, and yes, my mother could’ve used a pair of Natives when she was pregnant (in real life I’m just like you read here, full of fun grammatical errors, lots of slang and some words that should be beeped out)!



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  1. Comfy shoes are a must! Especially if you are one of those preggers where the Relaxin hormone really effects you. That’s me. Also, I was a size 8 shoe and three babies later I am a solid size 9. My foot stretched and ached during pregnancy and so far, a year post partum, it still hasn’t gone back to original size 😉

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