PREGNANCY UPDATE: Week 29 (80 days to go)


I dunno? What do you think? Are we due for a pregnancy update yet? It’s only been 12 weeks since the last one!

Many many changes, not only in the size of this baby bump. We’re officially not fitting into most of my current wardrobe staples, I was diagnosed officially with Gestational Diabetes (chatted a little about it here) and best of all I’ve finally managed to make good timing in having both Sammy and Sofia feel baby kicks. 

The 3rd trimester sleepies are moving their way into my life, but we’re doing pretty good at avoiding mid-day naps. We like to keep ourselves busy most days with crafts, living room dance parties and park visits. We’re on Summer break from school, so we’ve managed to see our friends quite a bit over the last few weeks and get in some mama-mental-breaks, catching up with friends over tea while seeing our littles play together. Lucky to have so many amazing woman in my life that I have such a connection with, emotionally and mentally, that we share the label of Motherhood with. Nothing better than having a best-friends who also understand your day-to-day woes. 

Only 80 days to go (but who’s counting)…



FOR THOSE that are currently pregnant, I thought I would share the site Pregnology which I love visiting every now and again. A super simple, straight forward and educational pregnancy updater. Pop over, type in your due date and bam! all the details you ever wanted like how far along you are, what baby looks like and most importantly how much longer. I like the straight goods it provides me, so thought I’d share.  


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