Pressure… Baby Pressure!

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I know I’m not the only one, and I surely don’t claim to have it the worst… but seriously this pressure of the baby on my….my…. whoo hoo is just about all I can take for the time being thank you very much.

Day in, day out this little stinker seems to find the perfect spot and of course the perfect timing to press her wee little head against my womanly parts that leaves me gasping for air and holding onto my seat. I saw my seat because these days lets me honest that all I do… sit!
The pressure is something I cannot explain but I know you other mama’s out there will agree its pretty mind blowing how one can take you breath away in a matter of seconds with a simple little wiggle. 

I feel its getting worst and worst as the days progress. With Sofia and I still sharing the same body for another 12+ days my guess is I’m going to need to either a) get used to it and find ways to relieve it or b) cox her out with cotton candy, cupcakes and milk duds. I mean common if I was given this option I’d be all over option b.  She is my child, I don’t see why she wouldn’t take this offer?

For the chance that she if more of a daddy’s girl…. tell me ladies what did you do to relieve this pressure?!?



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  1. Ohh man! I remember that all too well and it was 28 months ago!! For the last two weeks all I ate was pineapple hoping to push myself into labor, I had a foot literally lodged between my bottom 2 ribs, and her head on…yup, my whoo hoo too!
    Argh…it gives me the heebie jeebies to think about it. The only things I could tolerate were being on my side in our reclining chair, or walking the mall (in the AC) until my feet swelled up. I feel for ya!!! 12 days isnt much though, she’ll be here before you know it, and that will be ABSOLUTELY amazing 🙂
    Thanks for the follow btw!

  2. I hear ya. This kid has its head in my whoo-hoo and its feet in my ribs. Baby’s favourite thing to do is have the hiccups on my cervix. It’s a joy.

    Totes off topic, I added your button to my blog, cause I love it.

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