Pretty in Purple… and Mint

FOREVER 21 jacket
H&M purse

It’s funny how a simple accessory can set you apart in a crowd. A basic outfit of Jeans and a Blouse is pulled together so flawlessly with the added touch of a scarf. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, never under estimate an accessory. So easy to add, yet leaves the impression of someone that oozes style.  I’m telling you mama’s this should be your weapon-of-choice when it comes to dashing out the door. An accessory will complete an already amazing outfit, taking it to the next stylish level. 

PS: an accessory should be your weapon-of-choice…. however, do not forget the next best grab-and-go item…. the sippy cup. This too can complete your ensemble, as your most important accessory of all, will be all smiles.  


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