Recipe: Simple Vanilla Tea

I could easily turn tea-natzi on you all right now, but I’d rather not scare you away with my minor obsession with the Camellia Sinensis bush. The leaf that a lot of mother depend on to help them get through a crazy day, the leaf that gives us bloggers the extra little umph to get a post together for the morning, or the leaf that gives us a calm ending to rather busy day. I could go on and on and on about Tea, on how it completes my life and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Honestly!

I used to write a Tea blog, prior to Little Miss Mama. Why the change you ask? Well, as my life took on a direction filled with more than just Fashion, and Tea, Little Miss Mama was born… including Sofia Marie. I have not stopped drinking Tea, don’t get me wrong. I just stopped sharing my love with the world. Until TODAY. I asked on my fan page if  you’d be interested on hearing a regular feature on Little Miss Mama all about the Tea in my life. The verdict was a positive one, and although not ALL 1,800 of you were jumping for joy with their pinkys out, enough of you piped up, and this my loves, is for you!  

So we will start off simply. This is a Tea that not only everyone will love, but everyone will be able to make it now. If you are a Tea drinker, you will naturally have a simple Black Tea, Orange Pekoe, kicking around your cupboards. Am I right? Here I have created you next addiction. Black Tea, with a splash of Milk, a dash of Vanilla, and a sprinkle of Sugar. Honest! That’s all. Who would have thought something so simple to take you away to a place so heavenly? 

I want you to try it now. I am serious. RIGHT NOW! 
Here is what you’re going to do:

Boil some water, throw in a bag of Orange Pekoe, add your Milk and Sugar {I like mine sweet, so I sprinkle about 1 tbsp}, and drop in about 1 tsp of Vanilla. Once the water has come to a rolling boil pour it into your tea cup and stir. Only let the bag steep for about 45 seconds. You want your Tea to be a very soft caramel color, and whatever you do, don’t squeeze your bag against the side of your cup. Just let it be. The more your squish your Tea leaves, your Tea will take on a bitter, burnt, and over-powering taste. Once it’s done steeping, simply pull it out and throw it away.  Stir, sip, and enjoy!

I wanna hear your comments lovelies. How amazing is this Tea?
Also next week, I’m thinking of and article on the best way to steep tea. Tea 101 if you will, interested?


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