So what started off as extra storage under the stairs has beautifully changed into a quaint place I will soon be calling home. Turning the space under the stairs into a den was a no-brainer to me, but it had some convincing of others. Yes the space is small, this I know, but it’s all I need really. A quiet place I can be with my thoughts to produce some honest, fun, and inspirational content from-the-heart for Little Miss Mama. This is where all the magic happens people, where I could easily spend 24 hours of my day but really only get about 3 to 4 all broken up through out the day. Any which way I can get it, I’ll take it.

Sammy and my dad did an amazing job with what space they did have to work with; building a little cubby for my beautiful new Epson printer, a custom desk to fit the space perfectly making the most of my counter space and they built little mini doors to still give us access to under the stairs for much needed storage, without taking any beauty away from my little oasis.

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As you can see I warmed the space up with some wall decals, as mentioned in a previous post, it took me  quite sometime to find the perfect decal, but I found it at Wall Slicks online. They were incredible to work with, and after reaching out for some advice on the size of the wall decal i should go with, their customer service team mocked up some images based on my wall space giving me a great visual of what they would appear when done. No doubt this made the decision process an easy one.

Got the wall decals in fabulous time and although I wanted to get started right away, I did have to wait for not only the freshly painted walls to cure but also because renovations were still going on around us, dust was flying and the smartest thing to do was wait. It was not easy waiting, as you all know how frustrating it can be waiting on trades, but I put on my “big girl panties” and waited patiently. I started the process one afternoon while my mama came over to watch Sofia, giving me ample time to really concentrate and focus {two things mothers don’t get often} and my Sammy finished it off this past week. As meticulous as one can be with measuring the most perfect spot to place the decals for the most part we ended up eye-balling it, and I’d say it turned out pretty stinkin’ amazing. Would you not agree?

The walls are decal’ed out and I couldn’t be happier! Now for the fun part, a chair, a table lamp, a full-body selfie mirror {this is no joke my friends, I mean business, how else am I going to give you daily outfit posts} and a super small but functional way to organize all my paperwork.



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