REVIEW: August Snackbox


…you know when a package arrives that you knew about, but still takes you by surprise. Yeah that’s exactly how I feel about Snackbox. They arrive once a month, always on time, I see it on my doorstep, and it instantly makes me day better. A box of healthy snacks, just sitting there. Waiting to be opened and enjoyed!

With fall quickly approaching us, I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am about all the TV shows coming back like New Girl, America’s Got Talent, Biggest Looser, Boardwalk Empire, Dancing with the Stars, Mike & Molly, Modern Family, Sharks Tank, Dragons Den, The Voice, and X Factor. Seriously, I am a TV-Holic, I blame you Lindsay.  Anyways, these boxes of goodness are going to really come in handy come the chilly months ahead. Seriously! Who wants to rush out to get something sweet to snack on, while they could be cuddling up on the couch to find out who gets the tearful boot on x-factor. Not me, not this year. Snackbox has me covered all the way through the tearful goodbyes and the modern family gut giggles.

This months box the family has many favorites, naturally anything chocolate came with me in the bath. So the only person that enjoyed these little morsels of heaven, were moi. The Mya’s Crunch was more than your average chocolate treat. Dried cranberries, orange essence and crispy rice all lathered in a gorgeous Belgian Chocolate. If someone’s taking orders, sign me up for another bag, or seven. I mean common, a girls gotta bath in style no? Next Sofia Marie inhaled the Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps, I couldn’t quite figure out if she loved them because they tasted good, or because Mickey Mouse put his stamp of approval on the front. After I snagged the bag of crumbs from her, I came to the realization they went that quick cuz they were actually good! Of course another favorite, and by favorite I mean didn’t last more than 24 hours in the house was the Surf Sweets Candy Rings. Incredible as always, however this time bringing me way back to childhood memories with the flavoring of fuzzy peaches. But way better. Better tasting and better for you! WIN WIN

What does the “man” say about the Lundberg Rice Chips… “They should make large man- sized bags of these.” My response “oh but they do my love, they do!” Guess where I will be going this weekend. Buying us some man-sized rice chips and hitting up Thrifty’s Foods to stock up on Mya’s Crunch. Run the bath babe, I’ll be home soon!

King Island 100% Pure Coconut Water // Lundberg Rice Chips // Ener-C // Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps // Rocket Oatmeal // Mya’s Crunch // Alive and Radiant Foods Kale Krunch // Hippie Foods Granola // Surf Sweets Candy Rings
// Harvest Snaps-Snapea Crisps

Curious to learn more about Snackbox? Are you ready to snack happy? Check them out, pretty sure you won’t regret it.


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