REVIEW: Belly Bandit

I could complete the review by simply saying “I was in my skinny jeans 3 weeks after Sofia Marie was born”, but then again it wouldn’t be much of a review for those who want to know who, what, where, when, why and how. So let me go into depth on all of the above and how I lost ALL the baby weight and got back into my Skinny Jeans before Sofia’s 1 Month Birthday. 
I was given the opportunity to try the Belly Bandit thanks to TDM Canada who carries Belly Bandit for all the Canadian Mama’s out there. Not only do they carry Belly Bandit but many other products like You! Lingerie, Baby Mio, Wee-Knees, Oh Plah!, Luca, Little Biscuit Babygear, Little Beetle and Family Seat. Be sure to stop by their website {which is under a little bit of construction at the moment} and send them an e-mail if you’re interested in purchasing or finding out information on any of their available products. Trust me, their customer service is beyond superior, they will be back with you in no time flat. 
I was lucky enough to be able to use the Belly Bandit’s
BFF, also known as their Body Formulated Fit. With additional Belly Bandit options such as the Original, Couture and the Bamboo, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your style and budget. Mine however, arrived about 1 week before Miss Sofia’s due date and the first thing I did was put it in my Hospital Bag. I knew I wanted that “bad boy” available as soon after the birth as possible. 

The BFF Belly Bandits online details:

Our new revolutionary band is being described by many women as their “BFF”. While it will become your very best friend for 6-8 weeks after you deliver, the B.F.F. also stands for Body Formulated Fit. 

Utilizing a corset inspired construction and eco-friendly super-soft Promodal®, our premier band features many unique fit and fabrication advantages. A band that conforms to every type of figure, from petite, hourglass to tall.  Six uniquely shaped panels hug your curves in comfort while offering 2 more inches of Velcro. Our patent pending design creates the ability for mom to have two different panels of compression that simultaneously cinch the waist, hips and belly and conform to your body to create a natural silhouette – because we are all not built the same. 

As a fabric blend that comes directly from nature, Promodal® offers optimum moisture management, smooth fiber structure to help avoid skin irritations, and a reduced growth of bacteria, to name a few. The B.F.F. has been created and shaped just like a woman’s body…curvy! With all this being united to make the B.F.F., we are making both Mother and Mother Earth very happy.

I put on the Belly Bandit within 24 hours of bringing Sofia Marie home. When learning to put it on, they advise you to pull as tight as you can to get the best results. After being so terribly tired and in need of some serious R&R {need I remind you of my 18 hour labor?}…. I had my husband help me put it on while I laid on the bed. I was a little nervous to get up, I envisioned seeing it un-velcro itself, snap, hitting my husband in the side of the head and fly across the room… Then of course I got off the exaggeration bus and really thought about how uneay my life was going to be for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Was it really going to be comfortable like “they say”. Guess what ladies… I found it more comforting to be wearing it, than to not be. It kept me from slouching, which we all know gives you the worst back aches ever. Also covering and holding in my tummy nice and tightly, taking away the worry of showing my new Mommy Belly to the world.

While Sofia is the one turning 4 months this week, I was the one given the best gift of all – no, not more sleep and not piece and quiet, its better than both combined. My tummy and hips measuring both 2 inch’s smaller than what I was pre-baby. 1 week before Sofia was born my Tummy measured in at 52″ and as of today I am 36″ around. You all know what that means… time to clear the closet, donate the old and buy new for the Fall and Winter Season we’re in!

Thanks to the Belly Bandit, I am back to a size I am used to and have been kick started with a burst of confidence to continue on this “shrink me” marathon or better known on the Little Miss Mama Blog as Battle Baby Bulge


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