Review: Jamberry Nails

JamberryHeader4 showers
3 baths {2hrs+ in length – don’t judge me, but rather blame pinterest}
4 curly hair comb-outs
4 toddler baths
4 curly hair toddler comb-outs
45 diaper changes
9 applications of make-up
1 entire day of washing dishes {dishwasher went on the fritz}
3 days of home renovations

This my friends gives you a small taste of what my nails went through over the past 9 days. I’d bet you 500 bucks, or a Marc Jacobs Hobo, that a regular everyday manicure would not stand up to this test. When I asked on Facebook how long your manicures last, the consensus was 48 hours at most without a chip. After this cry out for help I was contacted by Abby, a Jamberry consultant who wanted to put her product to the test. She promised Jamberry nail wraps would last 9 days of motherhood and so without hesitation I accepted. Here are the results:

JamberryDay1 JamberryDay23 JamberryDays45 JamberryDays67 JamberryDays89

The verdict? As you can plainly see my nails grew out, before they flaked out. I my friends am officially impressed. I don’t know any other at home product that is as easy and tough as Jamberry. It took me all of 20 minutes to apply, with a hair blow dryer, cuticle pusher and a simple nail file. No expensive or fancy apparatuses to enjoy their product, items a woman already has on hand. I seriously cannot be more happy with the outcome.

Jamberry — Consultant Abby Darwish
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Some of the fabulous things about Jamberry:
Safe for natural and artificial nails, affordable {buy 3 sheets get 1 FREE}, no dry time, no chipping, no harmful chemicals, lasts up to 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 weeks on toes, over 300 designs, non-toxic, formaldehyde and latex free, gluten free, hypo-allergenic and vegan friendly

So if you ask me if id buy Jamberry again — I’d say heck yes!
If you ask me if I will tell others about Jamberry — I’d say already have!
and if you ask me if I will ever pay for a spa manicure again — I’d say of course, it’s one of the only places I feel relaxed,  I just won’t expect the world of my newly painted nails after I leave the doors of heaven


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  1. Place an order and enter in “little Mystery MAMA” and WIN all the host rewards!

  2. Thanks for the great review Tairalyn. Your nails look awesome. How was the process of getting them off? Is your consultant based locally?

    • Hello Reg!

      Getting them off for me was easier than getting them on, but this might vary 🙂
      I literally just peeled them off. However the instructions said to take them off with the traditional nail polish remover by soaking them off. My consultant is not local to me here in Vancouver, BC — but she is in Canada! You can buy online and have them shipped right to you! Let me know what you get! Or better yet Reg, post a picture of your nails done on our Facebook Page or tag me in an Instagram shot. I’d love to see.


  3. Oh please don’t just peel them off! Eventually (and for many people immediately) that will damage your nails. Heat them up, peel up the corners, soak in nail polish remover (I never do it this way but it is an option), or apply olive oil, heat again and use a dental pick,orange stick or similar tool to gently peel from one side to the other. If you feel resistance then heat again as you peel. The heat loosens up the adhesive so whatever else you use, don’t forget the heat!

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