REVIEW: Michael Todd’s Clear Bi-Light


Acne at any age is horrible I know this, I’m no stranger to break-outs. However the difference now, at my 30’s versus all the rage-of-acne times before is that this time I was prepared. You see I was lucky enough to get my hands on Michael Todd’s Clear Bi-Light that helps not only with acne but anti-aging; and they don’t lie, I’m here to tell you.

My break-outs from the first signs of them showing up and until they are completely clear and gone is about 3 to 4 weeks. I don’t know about your break-out-crew but mine seems to really enjoy their stay, making a mini vacation out of their time on my face. After using Michael Todd’s Clear Bi-Light at the first sign of my break-out, it took only 5 days to completely clear-up; a world of difference.

I used the Bi-Light every evening after I washed my face clean and got cozied up on the couch to catch up on anything and everything that fills our PVR throughout the week. 3 minutes on blue, then 3 minutes on red, simple and obviously effective.  Images from start to finish were taken but merely for my own creepy pleasure, take my word for it, it worked. Don’t believe me, ask teller at the grocery store I frequent, she would put her life on the line I’m sure of it.

I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to have this little acne-battling gadget in home, it just seems to take the edge off the mornings that I wake to a less than fortune friend that has shown up. They won’t be over staying their welcome from now on! Tell me peeps, do you still get acne as an adult? I think we need to take this up with the higher-ups, I mean common, doesn’t all this adulthood responsibility come with some sorta perks?

Disclosure: I am a Michael Todd Brand Ambassador and I received a Clear -Bi-Light as part of my affiliation with them. However the opinions on this blog are my own and If I didn’t whole-heartedly believe in the product I would simply not write about it. 


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  1. What a great product! I love Michael Todd and I cant wait get one! Cant wait to kick adult acne in the butt! Thanks for turning me on to this amazing brand!

    • Tairalyn says:

      So excited to hear from another happy client. Isn’t MTTO great April? What’s your favorite product? These days I’m loving their Charcoal Detox Face Wash and naturally their Fruit Scrub is incredible.

      Thanks so much for taking your time to comment,


      • Loving their new Wild berry Peel! Smells so freaking good!!! it works great for acne scars 🙂

        • Tairalyn says:

          Really? That’s amazing, another product I need to try. THANKS!
          So happy you love it… hopefully you can take advantage of the sale on the clear bi-light, lasts until the end of the month!


  2. I just purchased it for only $68 on
    My only question is, when do you use this product? Should I use it BEFORE or AFTER my skin care routine like toner and moisturizer?

    • Awesome buy… good on you Samantha!
      You’re to use it on a clean face. Freshly washed. Once you received the package you will get the low-down when you read the manual! Have fun, let me know if you love it!


  3. Brigitte says:

    I have just bought one, but I am wondering do the lamps need to be replaced after a certain amount of use? I know other blue light products where you have to buy replacement lamps.

    • Tairalyn says:

      Mine hasn’t has too yet, but please do reach out to MTTO and ask to make sure! HAVE FUN with it. I’m sure you’ll love it.

  4. Ariana R says:

    Hey Tairalyn, I just randomly found your blog , but I’m glad I did. I recently bought my Michael Todd Clear Bi-Light
    And I wanted to know if you could give me some advice. I know that it should be used no more than 3 minutes. But should I do 3 minutes in each area of my face, ex: right cheek 1st then left cheek 2nd? Or should I just use the 3 minutes of each light and spread it throughout my whole face? Hope to hear from you .

    • Tairalyn says:

      Hello Ariana,

      I use the light exactly how it says, 3 minutes on my entire face just slowly moving it around my face in those 3 minutes 🙂


  5. Aleksandra says:


    I was wondering is this product discontinued??? I can’t find it anywhere, and I would like to purchase it (from Canada).
    Do you know any trusted websites that I can purchase from?

    Thank you!


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