REVIEW: Our most favorite toys from the holidays


Like every other 2 year old, Sofia Marie wakes up ready to go and plays to the absolute end of her day; if I’d allow her to bring plastic or wooden toys in bed with her, she would. Sofia got a ridiculous amounts of toys over the holidays however a few stand out to me as being her favorite, whether she actually knows it or not. Based on the playtime they get, I determined these 4 items to be her favorite toys from this past Christmas Holiday.

1. KidKraft Wooden Vintage KitchenHERE
Sammy and I bought her this gift, however we were far more excited than she was and spilt the beans far before jolly saint nick came down the chimney. It took Sammy about 3+ hours to put it together, but boy-oh-boy did this build the excitement to get into it and play. So not only is this toy teaching her all about food and playing in the kitchen, but it’s taught her patients, or at least shown us what lack of it she actually has.

2. Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set — HERE
Purchased by her aunt and uncle, this gift has been a favorite not only of Sofia’s but mine and anyone that dines at her restaurant. Table service is a must when you order any sort of  fruits and veggies at her diner. She’ll cut you a slice of bread, a piece of zucchini {which used to be served up as a la penis until we clarified what it actually was — I won’t lie we waited a bit to tell her} and watermelon. She loves that she not only can cut you a fresh slice, but that it makes a cutting noise too. Apparently hearing is believing in her eyes. For you parents who haves a toddler that loves food play, this set is a must have in our books.

3. Easy Bake OvenHERE
Purchased from her nana and papa, this gift was a wee bit nostalgic for me. Although very different from when I had one, the basic idea is there, cooking food over a light bulb. GENIUS! On Christmas morning we made red velvet cupcakes and since then, we’ve made soft pretzels and chocolate chip cookies. Looking forward to many more light bulb baked goods from our little baker. 

4. Melissa & Doug Cookie Decorating SetHERE
Purchased by another set of aunts and uncles, this gift has given us hours of fun. Mixing and matching different shaped cookies and icing toppings, serving them up on their adorable cookie sheet, these are sure to please anyone on a strict diet. Sofia has been learning to match shapes, colors and I’ve learn that we now flip cookies to ensure they are fully cooked. All around a favorite in our household.  

It’s pretty obvious that their is a pattern going on here. Step aside Martha, here comes Sofia Marie — we’re still working the poncho knitting, let’s just hope she doesn’t use this skill behind bars like Miss Stewart.

Tell me, what were you babes favorite toys they got over the holidays?



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  1. Maegan Morin says:

    My son got a bunch of Transformers for Christmas but his favorite was Predaking. He transforms into a giant dragon, nuff said lol. Out off all the presents that my daughter got her favorites I would say are her nail polish and her art sets. I let her paint my nails… that was interesting lol. But Im doing her nails almost every day and she really loves it.

    • Ahhhh the fun a mother gets to enjoy on Christmas eh Maegan! Although so different than before, but so so much better!
      Glad to hear you had such an awesome Christmas Holiday!


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