REVIEW: September’s Snackbox


Can you believe September has almost come and gone? For real? Where has this time gone?

I’ve learnt to accept time flying, and actually started to really love the middle of the month, all thanks to Snackbox. I know it will be on my door if not on the 15th, then most likely the 16th of each month. It bares only good news. No “overdue” stamps, no “we just increased you rates” memo, and no “you’ve just been served” papers {not that this happens often}. Either way the middle of the month is now my happy time. The time I know our Basket-Oh-Treats will be replenished, and that everyone in the household will be nice to one another again. Odd what a good snack will do to an entire household ‘eh?

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September’s Snackbox was filled with tons of great treats that I could throw into Sammy’s lunch, as well as into my purse as I ran out the door to anyone of Sofia’s early morning classes. This month though a majority of the snacks make their way into Sammy’s tummy. Easily 85% of them. So here is what Sammy had to say:

TAPAZ 2 GO // websitefacebooktwitter
Super creamy hummus, while I wished they had more chips, I put my fingers to good use.

DAN-D PAK MACA’DAMI’A NUTS // websitefacebooktwitter
Extreme crunch, tasted like I pulled the nut right off the plant. Best maca’dami’a nuts ever!

Best snack for a salty fix. END OF STORY.

MARYS GONE CRACKERS CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE // website – facebook – twitter
Best “milk and cookies” cookie ever! It had the best crunch to it, perfect for soaking, dunking, and devouring.

Sofia Marie and I shared so many of the snacks, and by shared, I mean Sofia held them hostage while she gave me the crumbs at the bottom of the bag. The bites that I  did snatch thanks to the deer running past the window were incredible. The Brothers-All-Natural Pear Fruit Crisps were out of this world. Oddly enough I loved them, and the reason behind “oddly enough” is that I am far from a pear fan. So two gold stars for Brothers-All-Natural, you made a believer out of me. Then came Angie’s Kettle Corn, I really didn’t think I would get even a morsel of this, but Fia must have been in one of her good moods as I think I managed to eat 5 or 6 kernels. This won’t be breaking news here lovelies as I am sure you already know, but kettle corn is by far the best way to crush a confused craving. Do I crave something sweet? Do I need something savory? Kettle Corn to the rescue! Both Fia and I give it a 2 thumbs up!

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