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I’d say I’m extremely lucky. Not only do I get a baby girl for being pregnant for almost and entire YEAR but I get to review Sassy Maternity Lingerie too. Maybe my husband is a wee bit lucky too considering, but let’s not let him catch on to this. I was asked to choose 2 pieces from the You! Lingerie Collection of Sexy Maternity Bra’s and Underwear. Naturally I had a tough time choosing, as I wanted them all. What women ever has enough Lingerie, right? I thought I could use some help, so I brought my husband in on the fun, letting him choose the underwear while my heart was already set on a particular Bra. 

Sourcing out help from the hubby, I ended up with 2 pieces from 2 different Collections. However still matching I’d say we are still meant to be, couples who choose Lingerie together, stay together? Isn’t that how the saying goes?

  {when your options include the above… how could it not be difficult to choose?}

{Please note all photos above are from the You! Lingerie Website}

The Bra I chose was the Rumi Noir, Classic Sexy Elegance, and the underwear that my husband chose were the Berry Monroe, Pure MEOW. In most cases, when I buy a bra that is as cute as it is sexy, I am usually ready to give up on something else up, like comfort or quality. Expecting the same situation from You! Lingerie, I had a little thought in the back of my mind that maybe, just maybe this time would be different. Once they arrived at my door I could not WAIT to get my hands on them. Out of the box they came and I couldn’t be more surprised! They did not disappoint on any level, sex appeal, comfort or quality. 

{My photo’s of the Rumi Noir Bra – Buy it for $49.99 here}
{My photos of the Pure MEOW Underwear – Buy them for $24.99 here}
The photos I took don’t do either the Bra or Underwear justice. The colors are brilliant, the materials used on both are luxurious and the quality in finish is out of this world. One piece of advice that a Mama gave me about undergarments during and after baby was “make sure its comfortable” and “whatever you do, forgo the lace, beautiful yes, but you nipples will thank you later“. You! Lingerie obviously got this advice as well, they had lace for the beauty, but using it in all the right places, no comfort is ever sacrificed when wearing it.

The prices of all the You! Lingerie Collections still blow my mind. Bra’s at $50 and Underwear all around $25, I don’t know of any Lingerie Store that for $75 you can purchase both the Bra and Underwear at this high quality. I really don’t! I’d have to say the underwear maybe my favorite. I could easily get obsessed with their underwear collections and I just may need one of each pair. The material is beyond comfortable and let’s be honest since when can you use sexy and comfort in the same sentence. You just don’t, it’s like saying Mary-Kate is hotter than Ashley Olsen. Common people – that’s crazy talk!

Bottom Line You! Lingerie is not only Stylish, Playful and Affordable, but Comfortable, Sexy and an easy obsession for all Mama’s out there wanting to feel themselves again during and after your Baby is born. I can’t tell one enough just how amazing You! Lingerie’s Collections can help you feel. It’s not everyday a women can add 20lbs to the scale reading and still feel beautiful! Thanks to You! Lingerie, I did!

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  1. I may have to get one of those bras. I’ve been using these super stretchy bras for nursing. While they are great, they dont offer much support and I’m ready to have something a little more racy for the hubbs. I’ll have to see if I can find a coupon code online and get one!

  2. I had recently get one of them for my expecting girl friend and she really got very excited and told me that she had just found these on internet and was thinking to buy them because they are unmatched in quality and comfort

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