RIP Playdoh?


Our house has always been a Playdoh home. Catch us any given rainy day, and in Vancouver this sums up most of our Fall and Winter days, we will be setup for an afternoon or inedible, wild colored but un-mixed {hello ocd family}, pizza parlor or ice cream shop. It’s hands down our go to fun if we, and by we I mean I, don’t wish to spend our evening cleaning up the aftermath of a crafternoon; dried white glue, construction paper, pipe cleaners, and beads scattering the floor {that olly-man has yet to find}. If we don’t craft we Playdoh. That is UNTIL NOW…

We were gifted Kinetic Sand this holiday and it has sorta’ changed our lives. No more dry crunchy hands from a 2 hour escapade of Playdoh pizza making. You know what I am talkin’ about, the body shivering crunch your hands make when you squeeze them together post Playdoh session. NO MORE OF THIS.

Kinetic Sand is the new Playdoh my friends and I am embracing it with open arms {and smooth conditioned hands}. Everyone needs this in their home, I mean this, I may just be making it my 2015 goal to gift Kinetic Sand to every person I know with kids, seriously! Here is what we think of Kinetic Sand in our home:

SofiaKineticSand ParentsKineticSand IMG_9534-1
It’s obvious the Ciulla’s love Kinetic Sand, but all jokes aside, no Playdoh will ever be removed from our vocabulary, or craft cabinet in our home, ever. It used to be the number one in our lives, but these days we cry for Kinetic Sand on days we are stuck inside. Although similar in the sense of hands on play, Kinetic Sand and Playdoh are very different in terms of the play outcome. Kinetic Sand we build, mold, and form, people, villages, and magical scenes, and then we squish and squash until the next imaginative town of sand comes to us. Where Playdoh you can mold and play with it, withstanding your roughness over time, and eventually drying hard to where you could keep it forever. Unlike Kinetic Sand that never drys out. They’re both WINNERS in my eyes and heart, but these days the Playdoh bin is collecting a bit of dust. The urge will come, I know it, but for now Kinetic Sand is the cool kid in our house.

//have you and your babes played with Kinetic Sand, what’s your thoughts? How does it compare in your house to Playdoh?

// kinetic sand can pretty much be bought everywhere toys or craft supplies are sold, like Toys r’ Us and Michaels Crafts, but I have also found a few places online that sell it at a great price, like Amazon and Walmart.


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