River Critters Baking Class

Yesterday a girlfriend and I took our little ones to a Baking Class being held every Tuesday at the River Market at the Quay. It’s put on by Pamola Bakery and they do not disappoint.  As this was both our first times, we were unsure what to expect. Assuming it would be something sweet, being a bakery and all, I had hyped Sofia up all morning, asking if she wanted to decorate some Cupcakes and Cookies. Until of course we get there, I see pizza dough and start to panic. Sofia Marie is going to be devastated if she doesn’t get the chance to decorate with icing and dash with sprinkles. CRAP! What was I thinking? Apparently I wasn’t, that’s the answer. However after we made Calzones, we cleaned ourselves up and out came the cookies on a stick, the icing bags, the sprinkles, and the fondant hearts and shapes…  we were in sugary sweet heaven.

This class was so well done, including mini tables for the babes to reach perfectly, small rolling pins for their wee little hands, child friendly water cups for a refresher, and a patient and kind teacher. The cost of this class is $4, and I honestly think it was the BEST $4 we have spent in a long time {not counting the wicked sale at Aldo on accessories a few weeks back}. Sofia made friends, I got to connect with mine, and we left with full tummies, and dessert for tonight. 

PS: I loved the Pizza Dough so much I popped in and bought some for $1.99 — are you kidding?! Usually yummy and affordable don’t hang out much. UNTIL TODAY!


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