Road Trip to the Seattle Zoo {VLOG}

YOU GUYS! We’re back from our Road Trip to Seattle (visiting the Woodland Park Zoo) and what a trip it was! I have a ton of fun posts I would like to share on the site soon about Seattle and our favorite things to do, but for now I’ve got a vlog for you all about our trip to Seattle’s Zoo… if you ask me, it’s PRETTY AWESOME!

Let me tell you a few of my favorite things from this road trip;

  1. We survived (that’s saying a lot considering both tablets died before we got to said destination)
  2. Sammy got his first face painting at 40 
  3. Stella saw her very first Zebra (but was most excited about the crow she saw at lunch)
  4. Sammy convinced Sofia to pull him around the zoo in a wagon, and;
  5. We survived


Check it out here>> Road Trip to the Seattle Zoo // Up close with the Gorilla


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