Road Trip to Whistler {VLOG}


It was our annual Road Trip to Whistler; I packed for cold but clear weather… it’s what the weather report told us!

But when we arrived… snow covered the village, a snowsuit was a must if you were going outside and toques and gloves were not an option. IT WAS FREEZING!

Traveling with kids carries it’s own set of surprises, however this one completely threw us off our game. We were expecting clear skies, cold winds but ABSOLUTELY ZERO chance of snow! We could not have been more wrong! Every year over the Holidays our family bundles up and heads on a Road Trip to Whistler for a little Christmas Family Vacation. It’s always been snowing for as long as I can remember (we’ve been doing this over 10 years), this time however was different, the weather report BAMBOOZLED us!

I’d say this Road Trip was one we will forever remember, thanks to the surprise snow and maybe also because Stella skipped her nap on the way up and we were all in survival mode trying to entertain her… 






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