Saturday afternoon picnic anyone?

Yesterday Sammy and I invited some friends to the Beach with us for our first Picnic of the year. Heading to Kitsilano Beach, downtown Vancouver… we arrived to the birds chirping, calm waters scattered with boats, topless Volley Ball playing, and the most perfect spot in the park waiting for our tushies to get comfortable for the day. 

The weather was perfect, 18 degrees, not too warm with an ocean breeze. On the menu was Sliders {aka mini burgers} with Fruit, Veggies and Chips…. however after the men went for a walk the menu increased to morning Bagels with Cream Cheese and Slurpees. 

Perfect Day if you ask me. 

when you forget a spatula, you make due with what you have.

the view from my tummy.

This next photo is a little off topic, but couldn’t help myself. On our way in to the Beach, we stopped off at my father-in-law’s house to grab our picnic/camping chairs that we had left there the last outting. I had noticed his cute lil neighbour was putting her laundry out….until I looked closer…unless you go by the name Lady Gaga I’m guessing that Bok Choy is not another name for a fashion design?!?  

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