Say hello to my little friend; Amoda Tea

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*bends in real close and whispers*
…it’s tea, delivered to your door step, for under $20 every. single. month.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Not end of story, you must know where I got it from, how to sign up, why you haven’t heard of it until now, and where you can send my chocolates as a token of appreciation. Alright tea grannys’ it’s time to listen up, Amoda Tea is here with your tea subscription that won’t set your monthly budgets into the red. Their is no better way to sip and sample in my mind than with a monthly subscription like this one. Yes we all like Cream of Earl Grey, who doesn’t? No really, who doesn’t, stop reading immediately, you’re no friend of mine. Broadening your tea horizons without breaking the bank just became a thing, Amoda Tea is sending you a tea tasting box, which includes 4 individually packages teas, tea bags, and sampling descriptions for $18 a month, shipping included.

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This is not only a way to open your eyes to a more wonderful world of tea people, OH NO! it’s also a way to find new favorites and be confident in purchasing and stocking up. The struggle is real my friends, finding a tea online that sounds scrumptious is not the feat, but taking a leap of faith and investing in such a grand bag is what has us on edge. This is why, for me, Amoda Tea’s monthly subscription is so stinkin’ fabulous; they’re bridging the gap us tea lovers face when shopping online with our eyes only.

Let’s dive into January’s Tea tasting box shall we. I got sample packs that would probably serve me 3 to 4 cups each of Tropical Green {green tea, rose petals, marigold flowers, natural passionfruit, mango and grapefruit flavour}, Hawaiian Ginger Jasmine {organic Hawaiian ginger, jasmine pearls, and orange peel}, French Lemon Creme {green rooibos, lemon peels, calendula, lemon wedges, vanilla}, and a Rara Willow White. Each of which smells like complete and utter bliss I may add. Included in my tasting box was an adorable bundle of Tea Filters which are 100% natural and biodegradable {because of course} and a extremely helpful pamphlet that teases my eyes with what my mouth is about to enjoy.

Amoda Tea was founded for one reason: to make the world’s best tasting teas more accessible. Amoda is the single destination for tea lovers to shop the best tasting and all-natural teas and blends crafted by small-batch blenders worldwide. By partnering with conscious tea companies who are challenging the status quo by using ethically-sourced teas and premium ingredients that are always natural and healthy. This is what we call Craft Tea. Our curated collection is a step towards an inevitable movement away from mass-produced, artificially-flavoured, unethically sourced teas. Craft tea is something to feel good about! Our tea selections are trusted by a community of tea lovers just like you! Normal, fun-tea-loving people. 

After steeping on the Amoda site for an embarrassing amount of time {you see what I did there} I’ve easily found a dozen if not more teas that have me beyond intrigued, like this Fig Peach Oolong tea by Modern Tea Girl, I bet it would blow minds made into an iced tea, or what about this Better than Sex tea by Tay Tee, I mean you gotta’ wonder. It’s no surprise Amoda Tea has a craft tea for every sipper, and they’ve made it oh-so-easy to find yours with their subscription boxes.


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    Sounds like a very nice Tea

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