I may have been keeping a little secret from you all *takes cover*. BUT WAIT! Before you go all 2007 Britney Spears on me, saying things we all know you’re going to regret, hear me out! I think it’s pretty obvious I do my very best to feel beautiful every. single. day.  And I also bet you knew that one of my main reasons for sitting behind this laptop into the wee hours of the night, is to ensure that you too find ways to feel absolutely beautiful each and everyday.  This my friends is why I have started a new series on Little Miss Mama called BEAUTY BUST!

BEAUTY BUST! is for the everyday woman, the woman who loves makeup bust doesn’t necessarily know how to use it. The woman who google searches “the 5 minute face” because that’s all the time we have to give, who has a closet full of hats for the days we are less fortunate and showers are only given out to those with glue in their hair, and the woman who wants to feel her best without spending an entire morning at it.

I’ve collaborated with four of my very favorite local beauty babes who’s going to give us the inside scoop when it comes to everything makeup. Like how best to apply your foundation, when to splurge and when to save on beauty products, how to get out the door looking naturally flawless without the fuss, and honestly so much more. I’m telling you this weekly series you’re not going to wanna miss, literally, you need to see this. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the amazing woman behind the BEAUTY BUST! team:



Jayna Marie’s Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

*jayna marie i’ve known for years, we met while i was planning weddings and she was making brides magazine flawless. she has a ridiculously contagious smile, a heart of gold, and a talent that doesn’t go unrecognized. i mean common not everyone can do makeup for mother monster, lady gaga*


Jen’s Website // Facebook // Instagram

*jen and i have kids that make-believe together; and my daughter may or may not have named a doll after her son. we attended the same high school, but never actually sat at the same lunch table. jen is a natural beauty it’s plain to see, a real business woman under all that heart, and she’s one smart cookie too*


L’nielle Joy’s Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest

*l’nielle and i connected most recently on a project that we are both very passionate about, the sparkle project. she has an adorable family, a killer style, and hair that i would give anything for*


Ladee Jadee’s social media love to come soon!

*jade and i met online through a friend that thought we just had to connect; she was right. she lives a life of glitz, honestly, their is never a day that passes that i don’t see her wearing sparkle. she gorgeously confident and i love her for that alone*

Stay tuned…

next week will launch the first of a four piece BEAUTY BUST! series focusing on your foundation. From the best way to apply it, the best affordable foundations, answers behind the need for primer or not, and finding the perfect shade for your skin.


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  1. So exciting Tairalyn, congratulations!

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