Scarf Season is here

I absolutely love scarves… It’s sorta “my thing”. If I feel something is missing on an outfit, I reach for a scarf. Basing my choice on the material that’s right for the weather; Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall I am constantly playing with scarves.  I felt a good post for you lovelies today would be all about some of my favorite ways to wear a scarf. Although it’s hard to choose, these are my 5 “go to” ways to wear a scarf for when I am heading out the door. 

With so many fabulous places to buy your scarves, I personally find that both in variety and cost online shopping is where it’s at. Without the worry of “if it will fit” or “will it look good on me”. A scarf and its design is really a no brainer, you will always pull it off and it will always fit. Two of my favorite places to shop at home for scarves, would have to be Affordable Scarves and Forever21. I find scarves to be far too trendy with their designs to make such a permanent purchase with scarves over $50. That’s sorta my breaking point, the point where I step back, and remind myself my last name is not Hilton. I can sometimes get out of control when it comes to shopping, in most cases I am saved, but sometimes the designer will get the best of me. 

If you have 4 and a half minutes to spare, you really need to watch this video if you have not already. A brilliant video by Wendy’s Lookbook that shows you 25 ways to wear a scarf, including a flawless how to guide. I just love this video. Each and every time I watch it, I am reminded of another way I would like to wear a scarf. It’s almost like I need more of a social life to get through them all….

Tell me lovelies…. What are some of your favorite ways to wear a Scarf?


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  1. I love scarves too, as you can see in my recent facebook profile photo, it really helps to complete an outfit! I always like the loop through if the scarf is long enough. 🙂 Happy Fall!

  2. I love scarves too! Its my staple in the winter for much warmth and comfort =)

  3. I live in scarves 9 months out of the year. They are fantastic and can totally spruce up an outfit.


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