School; bringing the worst out of everyone


When did it become okay to interrupt a conversation between two people throwing your ignorance in their face? Anyone know? Because apparently I missed that life memo.

So I was minding my own business, shopping in peace, checking things off my list, feeling great about the day. Get up to the till and see one of my favorites ringing the line in, you know the ones that always chat to your littles and make them giggle and feel important; the day couldn’t have been going better. She asks “So when’s the big day miss sofia? When’s the first day of school?” she replies with excitement “soon, like some more sleeps and then I get to see all my friends again!”. I explain how we’re in one more year of Pre-School and then Kindergarten next year, “I am starting to do my research on the schools near us to figure out where I want her to go in the coming years.” reminding her that we are currently at a Montessori that we love near our house.

<<coming from behind me>>

“oh! I teach at blah-blah school and you know Montessori is not all what it’s cracked up to be, it’s not everything you know?!”

Um, okay, and who are you? I had no idea you knew my daughter so well, determining what was best for her. That’s one fabulous talent you got there miss! Last time I checked the reason behind the array of learning philosophies is that not all children learn and develop in the same way. It’s at the parents discretion to guide the child in a direction they feel they would thrive best in. Am I right? I mean who is she to make such a bold statement based on a child she knows absolutely nothing about {and trust me, she wouldn’t be a reader of mine, I can promise you she knows nothing about Sofia Marie}.

I’m all for opinions when they are asked for, I mean that is the bones behind my site, my opinions. But I don’t shove it down your throat and I sure as heck can’t make you come here and read. But when someone invites themselves into a conversation to undermine the others personal choices, I just can’t stand it! I could’ve come up with something witty and smart-ass-like in rebuttal to such an uninvited comment, but where would that get me? Instead I ignored the unsolicited advice, carried on with our conversation, and completed my transactions as it should’ve been without any interruptions. Not going to say it didn’t leave a bit of a chip on my shoulder the rest of the day though.


SOMEONE PLEASE tell me why there are people in the world that feel the need to subject us to their advice when we haven’t asked for it, not even in the slightest? 


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  1. Danielle Langley says:

    I needed to read this so badly today. High five, fist pump & some hallajuliah hands!
    I completely agree with all children being different and you know your child best. I find that the most opinionated people can be those that are insecure with their decisions or actually know nothing about the thing they’re bashing.
    I don’t personally know Sophia but she seems like the type that would excel in any environment ☺️ So yay for a new school year and being excited!

    • It’s always so worrisome when you put yourself on the line, and I feel like I was doing that today. I hate to ruffle feather but I also hate it when someone ruffles mine (as I do so much to ensure I don’t do it to others). Thank you for your comment, gives me more strength (and support) to write these kinds of posts to share with the world. You know?

      Parenting is not easy, the last thing we need is others around us to make us think we’re doing it all wrong. Last time I look Sofia didn’t come with a guide book 🙂


  2. Danielle Langley says:

    Hallelujah* what school teaches spelling I should have been in that school. ?

  3. They say it takes a village! That’s why we have to be prepared for the village idiot to give us unsolicited advice at any given time. There is no right way to raise a human being and from the very beginning of my motherhood journey someone very wise told me to take all opinions with a grain of salt, a shot of tequila and a squeeze of lime. 🙂

    • Marnie, how you’re so right! Thank you for the giggle I needed it after this. Just if only I could’ve had you right there with me, to pass me the shot of tequila! Ha! You would be good for me, this I know!


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