Seattle’s 5 Insta-Worthy Selfie Spots

I’m not claiming something you don’t already know, Seattle’s beautiful. What I am doing is showing you 5 INSTA-WORTHY SELFIE SPOTS you must visit (and instagram) the next time you get to the city.

The list could’ve been made a MILE long, with so many gorgeous angles to share the city, I’ve managed to narrow it down to my top 5 spots I like to SNAP, FILTER and HASHTAG at an arms length in Seattle. Seattle is by far our families favorite road trip destination, offering something for everyone from the Woodland Park Zoo, to Everett Kids Museum, Trader Joe’s, Pike Place Market and of course Target (because no trip into the USA is ever complete without a visit to tar-jeh). 

So here you have it, my 5 INSTA-WORTHY SELFIE SPOTS you can’t skip the next time you visit Seattle;



(located; pike place market)

If you’ve been to Pike Place Market, likely you’ve taken a picture of the iconic Public Market Center sign. During the day or at night when it lights up the sky; either way it’s the perfect opportunity for a selfie when visiting the market!

Pike Place Market Info and News





(located; downtown seattle)

Anyone who knows about Seattle knows, that should you visit the city, it just makes sense to ride the sky in Downtown Seattle’s Ferris Wheel. Located at Pier 57 overlooking Elliot Bay, Seattle’s Great Wheel sits, but make sure to wear you big girl panties that day as the views are not only gorgeous but 175 feet up.  

The Seattle Great Wheel Info and Tickets
Image Credit Dee Clarke of The Joy of Style




(located; pike place market)

This part of the trip is always so bitter sweet for me. Pike Place Market has so many amazing flower vendors, each florist taking their own spin on breathe-taking bouquets and never missing the mark. The beauty is beyond imaginable which is why it’s so hard for me to leave them all behind. You see, we can’t bring fresh flowers across the border, I have no idea the reasoning behind this bogus rule, but c’est la vie…. for me a selfie is not only a must but the next best thing to buying them and putting them on my coffee table.   




(located; pike place market)

Just a short walk up from Pike Place Market (about 1/2 a block) is Post Alley. A quaint little street filled with artisan shops, mom ‘n pop cafes and also home to the historic gum wall. Also known at Bubblegum Alley, Post Alley is a great place to take a selfie, against the gorgeous brick buildings, the cobblestone grounds and if you’re not concerned about KOOTIES then against the gum wall.

Post Alley Info and Events
Image Credit Kelly Krol of Raincity Parent




(located; pike place market)

When will you ever get the opportunity to take a selfie with a pig again, truthfully?! If you’ve been to Pike Place Market, I’m certain you’ve seen, or on a rather busy day, stumbled over the brass pig. A mascot for the market, Rachel the piggy bank is the markets most successful fundraiser, running since 1986 raising over $200,000 and counting. Sit on her or huddle around, a selfie with the golden pig is a must.

Rachel the Piggy Bank Location and Facts



This was our FIRST EVER road trip as a family of 4, since Stella was born. It was fun, daunting and we learnt a lot; like 1.5 hours of solid driving is about all our family can handle without a) a pit stop that includes a play ground and food or b) a hotel with AC and a room for everybody. I love our little FAMILY ROAD TRIPS, so much so we’ve planned our next one for September; don’t worry it’s less than an hour from our home, we’ve learnt our lesson.


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HEY! If you missed it, don’t forget to check out our vlog at the Woodland Park Zoo where selfies are an absolute must, especially when your 40-year-old husband decides to get his face painted for the first time in his life. 



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