{SERIES} Links I Love


I know it’s early in the week to say, but this week (thus far) these links have my undivided attention:

1. Amazing Potato Stamp Projects (via Pinterest)
2. Sexy Motha (via Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
3. Perfectly Timed Photos That Make Dogs Look Like Giants (via The Dodo)

4. 16 Kids That May Have All The Answers In Life (via StumbleUpon)
5. Ellen’s Motivational Mondays (via Ellen TV)
6. Alfalfa All Grown Up (via BuzzFeed)

7. Kiddie Pool Kickball (via REMiX Ministries)
8. DIY Denim Cutoffs & 3 Ways To Wear Them (via …Love Maegan)
9. Surfer Fights Off Shark On Live TV (via YouTube)


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