She is gonna love Daddy’s Music too!

One of my favorite nights in pregnancy thus far. Sammy decided that the chances of Sofia liking his kind of music would be higher if he started her off listening to them now. Since he figures that she is going to be a Mama’s Girl… He is trying to distill in her little head that 80’s Music is the “ish” and their will never be music made like this again. 

So I now, spend my evening, in bed while Daddy watches and Sofia listen to how they “wear their sunglasses at night” and how to “live on a prayer”. Oh Sofia, I sure hope you can giggle at their bad hair and acid wash jeans as I do, but enjoy the music and sing along with Daddy. It sure would mean the world to him.


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  1. Hey now…there isn’t ANYTHING wrong with 80s music!!!

  2. is she dancing like crazy in your belly! cuz that is what 80’s music does!!! 🙂 hope you feel better!

  3. This is so sweet! New liker here. Love that you have named your little girl already 🙂
    We named our little girl within hours of finding out she was a girl!

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