Shoes of Armor

Shoe of Armor


The ARMORED SHOE is everything that’s something this Spring, and I’m doubting the trend will die after this season. I see it trailing into Summer, Fall and Winter, on sandals and pumps, then loafers, sneaker, and onto all sorts of styles of boots. I can’t seem to get enough of the statement myself, however I’ve yet to get my feet into anything metal plated. I’m working on it, saw a gorgeous neon sandal with golden details at Target Canada just a few days back {see them here}, however opted out, with a sense something better is yet to come. Even though I am still waiting for my knight and shinning armor, tell me lovelies have you found yours? How many of you will be sporting this trend in the season ahead?  

You can shop all the above shoes at I like to think of it as my own personal shopping mall. Anything you see me wearing, crushing on, or saving my pennies for, you can find here. So pop on by, go shopping, have fun.

Interested in creating your own set of shelves? Join TheShelf, and shelf your own items, tagging them with prices which you would be willing to pay for them. As soon as they go on sale, meeting your price point, you will be notified. Seriously how rad is that? Takes bargain shopping to the next level!


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