Shopping Spree Saturday

Good morning lovelies… I’ll make this short and sweet as I don’t have much time. 
Today I will be participating in a local shopping center’s ‘best dressed for less‘ shopping spree contest. 15 lucky contestants will be given $150 in Gift Cards to use in the mall to find the perfect outfit in only 60 minutes. Once the 60 minutes is up we will have time to put together finishing touches on our hair and make-up and then down the runway we go!

The Shopping Center will be posting photo’s of all our looks and that who gets the most ‘likes’ on their 60 minute ensembles created in an hour will get an addtional $250 in Gift Cards. Seriously…. it’s like I have died and gone to shopping heaven. Does a contest get anymore fun than this?

You know what I’m going to ask you next…. If you can ‘fan’ Coquitlam Centre’s Facebook Page so that you will be kept in the loop of updates on today’s show. Once you see my ‘cute lil mug’ in the outfit I’ve created I ask that you ‘like’ it, and share it with all you know, including your aunt’s dog’s friends, cat sitter! I’m sure the competition is going to be strong so I need your help….. Pleeeease!

PS: Of course I’ll keep you updated each item I purchase on the Little Miss Mama FacebookPage as well as a mini video of everything and how it all unfolded within the next few days post event. #SoExciting

PPS: I love you…. 


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