I’m sure it’s not news to you that some of my most favorite skin care products are from Michael Todd True Organics, however I do have bottles that I play favorites with, and this is what I am sharing with you today. Sssssh don’t tell the others…

1. Honey & Oat Cleanser
I use this product every single day as my morning wake-up call. I swear if it doesn’t capture you by the calming aroma it will with the feeling of complete cleaniness you have for the rest of the day. You face goes through a lot in a 24 hour period, I say treat it to a little morning pampering.

2. Nature’s Block SPF 
It’s hot, and with this comes sunblock application every. single. day. It’s great to know that I’ve found a product that is 70% organic and 100% awesome. I love it when I come across products like this that not only work but are good for the skin.

3. Citrus Spray Hydrating Mist
I use this mister instead of my morning cream, it provides me just enough moisture I need to take on the day; and of course it smells like a fruit frenzy, really quite great right now considering I can’t eat any fruit at the moment {it’s a good kinda torture}

4. Charcoal Detox Cleanser
A product I don’t think my skin could live without; I gladly give my face a detox every single night because boy does it need it by the days end; it needs it, but more importantly it deserves it.

5. Soniclear
Another favorite of mine, the Soniclear has changed my life in so many more ways than one. Let’s just say that since the Soniclear has been in my life we have less acne and more days of going au-natural, makeup free.

Tell me some of your favorite skin care products?



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