Sleeping in unusual places…

Sofia Marie rarely falls asleep on her own {and by rarely I mean she has done it 3 times in her long 9 months of life}. However just a few weeks ago I was cleaning up the kitchen while she played in her play-gym. I turn my back for what seemed like 30 seconds however it got very quiet. I quickly look to see if maybe she had dropped something and was just eyeing it patiently. This is what I found.  

At first thought was that she was “dead” – horrible thought I know. It’s just that she never falls asleep without a 25 minute fight. Why was today, in a standing position, slouched over the trick. If I only knew this would save me an hour and a half out of me life each and everyday I would put her here every nap and bedtime. 

Where has your baby decided to sleep that was unusual?

PS: It was a mere fluke. I tried this again and all I got was screams and tears. #MyBabyTheTease


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  1. How incredibly cute is this picture! I have a similar one of my daughter when she was younger. In the picture she fell asleep in her Elmo chair with an empty plate of spaghetti and spaghetti sauce all over her face. Enjoy these moments, they will be over in blink of an eye.

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