…so this is what it feels like

…you see, this weekend is my birthday. On Sunday I leave my 20’s behind and walk straight into life in my 30’s. How do I feel about this… well I’ve not quite sifted through my emotions just yet, but what I can tell you is that today I feel amazing. I feel very humbled. 
This afternoon I planned a High-Tea with some of my very best girls, to spend time together, chat about the past, about the future, but more importantly just spending time with them. Motherhood has made me really appreciate the effort that goes into getting together. It hit me hard today as I thought what everyone had to do in order to make today happen for me. While one arranged childcare, the another had their husband come home early from work to watch the kids, one took the entire day off from work, another took time away from her family, and one took extra time re-arranging her babies feeding and naps just to ensure she was there. All of this effort just for me. This is what hit me today, and more than it ever has. I will never be able to thank these woman enough. But I will forever remember all they have done for me. For this memory will never go away. 
Thank you Lindsay, Jennyfer, Baby Max, Jessica, Angela and Amy. You six have made my day.



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