Sofia Goes Raspberry Picking

What began as a disappointing cancelled vacation, ended in a beautiful staycation. 
We were supposed to head off to Whistler, one of our families favorite spots in our beautiful province, for three glorious days. However with a random outbreak of measles in the city, we opted to cancel our vacation and stay home for a staycation. We went to the Zoo with friends, we went swimming, visited with family, BBQ’ing, and best of all, we discovered Krause Berry Farms. 
Located in our Fraser Valley, Langley is riddled with farms that will make amazing memories throughout every season for years to come. From u-pick berries, to the freshest of vegetable picking, to pumpkin picking and even Christmas Tree cutting. So, Monday morning we woke, with initial plans to be packing the car and heading to Whistler, I was left a little stumped. What to do. What to do. The husband was home, Sofia was raring and ready to go, and I was ensemble’d without a destination. Then I remember a fellow blogger BFF of mine, Jen from Mama. Papa. Bubba., who had recently visited a farm with her family to pick Strawberries. It was a great success with her wee family so why not mine? It was gorgeous outside, early enough that we would beat the heat, and truly, we go through berries in this house like water. Great idea! Found her blog post here, got all the Farms details here, and off we went. 

I’d live on a farm… if it was Krause Berry!

We arrived with absolutely no idea what we would get from it other than fresh berries for our ice cream that evening {and honestly that was good enough for us}. However we left with amazing memories, an experience like no other, our tummies filled with sweet, organic berries, and our hearts filled with joy. Seriously. Krause Berry Farms is anything but what you would expect from a Farm. The staff were young, energetic, and beyond helpful. The Farm was perfectly situated, with directional signs and people to help along the way. You could rent for $1 {which you got back at the end once it was returned} a large red wagon to pull around your buckets-oh-berries, well that, and your slower children. You could also purchase for $1, a 4 liter basket to take your berries home in, and to top all that all, parking was free.
{the red wagon we rented was a good reminder, we need to buy one for ourselves, makes trucking kids around so easy, and whine-free}
But lovelies, that’s the mere beginning! Don’t you dare leave this place without going inside the Krause Berry Farm Marketplace. I can’t even begin to explain its beauty. Filled with fresh basked sweets, pies, caramel popcorn and even homemade ice creams. Savory pizzas, including a corn pizza that I was dying to try, fresh produce and fruit, seriously the list goes on. Walk through the store and you end up in their restaurant that feeds you into their winery. Yes lovelies, this place never ends. I was not expecting this at all. Our time had run out and we would soon have a screaming baby in our arms, ready for moo-moo and a nap. I wanted waffles, I wanted ice cream, I wanted to sit on their horse saddle bar stools. I wanted it all. But not this time. Time had run short. 
Next time Krause Berry Farms. Next time.

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