Sofia’s 1st Doll

Sofia Marie got her very first doll this week *BigSmile*

Ever since showing interest, I’ve had my eyes peeled for the best doll to start Sofia off with. Some of my fondest memories as a child, are that of which I cared for my dolls. From pushing them around in strollers to tucking them sweetly into bed. However I don’t recall ever having troubles with my babies sleeping at night, what’s that all about? Weird how they never gave me a hard time. 

I remember so vividly my favorite doll, it was a Waterbaby. After no success finding one locally…. I stormed home to find one online, If I was going to get her the best I would have to have patience . It arrived Tuesday, and honestly Sofia has not put her down since. If she wasn’t still swaddled at night, I’m sure she’d want it to snuggle with her in bed. I really couldn’t be more happier with the Playmates Waterbabies, just perfect at her young age of 10 months. With no small parts, its rubbery texture is fabulous for teething and its sweet features will put a smile on any little girls face. Its really just perfect. Just as I had hoped. 

Wanna get your hands on a Waterbaby for your sweet little one? Head over to Playmates website and pick which would best suit your baby girl. Naturally I chose the Fashionable one… how could I say no to a Doll that comes with a Leopard Headband?

Do you guys remember Playmates Waterbabies?
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  1. They have matching eyes – it was fate. I’m sure there are many memories about to be made.

  2. too cute!! She better win the cutest kid contest!! xoxo

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