Sofia’s First Party: Baby Shower 08.06.11

Sofia’s Baby Shower sure was fun. From Tea, Crumpets and Cake Pops to Nursery Rhyme Games all the way to the Mini Berry Pie Favors. I think it all went off flawlessly and beautifully. Thanks to my Mama who was my right hand women, or should I say I was her right hand women. She ensured everything was just as I had imagines it would be, plus more. Even my dad got his hands in on it while putting up the Pink and White Tissue Paper Pom-Poms. 

Have I mentioned ho amazing my family is? I think maybe once, twice or twelve hundred and one time. My sister sat beside me and made sure that all the gifts were marked down as I had opened them – ensuring when I send out my thank you cards that I could personalize my thank you accordingly.

I could have posted over 100 photos however I am sure that would get intense, Ill just leave you with a little teaser collages of images in hopes that you get the idea how special this day was for me and hopefully Sofia. 

Thank you Mum… for making the day extra special for both Sofia and I.  
My best girls.
Katy, me, Sofia and Jennifer
I know we are sisters, but who has identical facial reactions without coming out as twins?

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  1. all looks great!
    I’m glad shower was fun 🙂

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