Sofia’s Odd Squad Birthday {this is 6}


Holy Batman Hannah Fragglerock! MY BABY IS 6 YOU GUYS! *hold me*

When asked how she wanted to celebrate her 6th birthday, she quickly answered ODD SQUAD! Mama! I just must have an Odd Squad Birthday this year! A show I was very much aware of and totally approved. Have you seen an episode of The Odd Squad? YOU GUYS it’s one of those shows you won’t mind watching with your kids and will likely catch yourself gut-laughing at. Kid Spy Agents that solve the most random mystery’s with the funniest of bad-guys. Think Jamie Jam who covers things in Jam and clearly needs to be stopped, or the Noisemaker who wants to fill the world with odd noises, it’s really quite hilarious and super educational! So of course I thought the idea was GRAND!


She requested that I ask all her friends to come dressed as spy’s, they would solve a mystery while I filmed the whole thing, then… I would go inside and edit their SHOW which they would watch over a Taco Bar lunch. *slow clap*

WOW KID, YOU’RE GOOD! I love how talented you think I am, however…. I am not that good, video editing is new to me, I mean kid I work and celebrate a vlog that gets edited in under 7 days. So yah! That’s out.

She easily settled for second best, which was becoming agents and solving riddles and with that, here is how our Odd Squad Birthday Party unfolded. The kids started with;

>> >> The guest arrival and news flash; once all the littles people arrived the Spy Kids soundtrack went quiet and a news flash projected through the speakers, Party Pooper Pete had snatched their goody bags and hid them for good. Agent X then came on who calmed their fears and let them know there was still time, should they complete these 3 tasks they will be able to continue to celebrate, goody bags in hand. ((Their faces were priceless as they listened, but due to a certain newly turned 6-year-old who panicked that Party Pooper Pete was the real deal, I was on more of a damage control mission vs. film all the things to share. Sorry guys! Best voice-over guy in all the land, if you ever need someone to do a voice for you, read a script, Chris is your guy! This is the 3rd time using him, after our Disneyland reveal when I had him act of Mickey Mouse.))

>>>> Picking Agent Names; with name strips in a bowl, each mini agent was to pull 2 names and choose which order they wanted them in. We had some good ones, Star Bond, Golden X and Phoenix Flash.

>>>> Next they earned their Odd Squad Crest; with three odd-ball skills they needed to learn (shooting, fishing, and golfing), once completed, they would earn their Odd Squad crest to add to their Agent Badges which would get them one step closer to catching Party Pooper Pete who stole their goody bags.

>>>> Moving onto solving a riddle; each skill they learnt unlocked a small part of a riddle that needed to be decoded, arranged and solved. Our riddle read: through the gate and to the right, have a look for something bright. 

>>>> And finally, finding the missing Goody Bags; out the gates they went and the hunt began. After just a few moments they spotted a bright orange bag hanging from the neighbors tree and inside was all 26 goody bags. Fweeeft close call!

In Sofia’s WILDEST DREAMS did she think that her birthday would include a build your own Taco bar. Taco’s are her favorite thing to eat, EVER, and seeings as she is the pickiest of pickiest eaters, you can imagine her reaction when I told her Taco Del Mar wanted to help celebrate her birthday with a Taco Bar (hard and softbullet burritos, 7 layer dip and Jarrito drinks). 

Taco Del Mar Catering Menu >> HERE <<

They arrived, worked their magic, and snuck away just as guests were funneling in the gates. My only complaint…

The guests were more interested in stuffing their face-holes than becoming Odd Squad Secret Agents. After a few herding-type moves and possibly a little white lie or two (it still needs some time to cook) we were well underway to getting back on schedule with the days festivities. 

To anyone looking to cater an event, birthday, work lunch, picnic you don’t have to pack for… I can’t tell you enough how it needs Taco Del Mar Port Coquitlam. Don’t believe me? Wait until you see our annual Christmas Dinner Party Menu; trading in our Santa hats for sombreros this year. So excited! VAMOS DE FIESTA!

Thank you to everyone involved, including friends (who late night party planned with me), family (mama, I love you) and the amazing and extremely generous companies who helped make this birthday so memorable:


Catering – Taco Del Mar (Port Coquitlam) Instagram // Facebook

Cake – Me, Myself and Duncan Hines

Cake Topper & Goody BagsParty City

Agent Badges, Stickers and Stationdesigned by me printed at Staples 

Party Pooper Pete, Agent X and News Anchor voice-overs – Chris Cowan on


If you’re in the party mood, check out all of Sofia’s birthdays we’ve shared, clearly I have a thing for torturing myself. No, but really, I love doing it, give me the perfect outlet to get creative and have fun. Sofia’s first hot air balloon birthday, fourth art party, and fifth puppy adoption birthday. 



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