Sofia’s Talking Cash Register

When we play in this house, we really PLAY. One morning Sofia was showing serious interest in playing a cashier. She was using my weight watchers calculator as a make shift debit machine, asking me to ‘punch my code’ all while I tried to make her breakfast. After I was done at my morning task, I decided to blow her mind a little with some DIY fun. I found a playing card box that I cut a slit in, and taped it to the bottom side of the calculator. At which point now she could ask for my card, insert the card, and then pass it to me to ‘punch my code’. Amazing right? Well it wasn’t long, literally 3 hours, until I knew that this pretend cashier play wasn’t going to stop at just one morning. Went online and scoped out the BEST cash register that money could buy. Okay so life isn’t that luxurious, I was really just looking for something that had the most bells and whistles for about $30. You see as a child I LOVED to play cashier. I would play for hours, I loved anything that I could scan and ask for payment on. So naturally I was so pumped when Sofia decided to follow in my playful cash collecting footsteps. 
Spent most of the afternoon looking online while Fifi rested the afternoon away from all her grocery bagging and transaction taking. Found what I felt was the cream of the crop when it came to play cash registered and I knew Sofia just had to have it. Found it for the best deal here at, at $25.95 {comes in blue and in pink}. But if have ants in your pants like me, you can hit up your local toys r us and pay an extra $15 and get it today! Let me tell you lovelies, this Cash Register comes with a working microphone, a debit machine, a barcode scanner that actually works {comes with barcode stickers to put on your own toys}, paper money, coins and a credit card, along with a working till. It doesn’t get much better than this. She loves it… and honestly, so do I!

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